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Cantaloupe Radio

Ultimate BA31, Display+ & Amp+ Bluetooth Kit Bundle for CM5908 (save $80)

Ultimate BA31, Display+ & Amp+ Bluetooth Kit Bundle for CM5908 (save $80)

PLEASE NOTE: OEM HiFi installation is REQUIRED to purchase this product
If you prefer to DIY, please purchase directly at

This is the top-of-the-line Cantaloupe Radio equipment package that includes the BA31 Bluetooth retrofit kit, Display+ Enhanced LCD kit and Amp+.

  • BA31 Bluetooth retrofit kit breathes new life into your factory BMW CM5908 radio with modern features like Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling, auxiliary input, and voice assistance.
  • CM5908 Display+ Enhanced LCD delivers a beautifully redesigned LCD display that will make your radio feel like it truly shipped with all these modern features from the factory.
  • Amp+ replaces the factory amplifier assembly on the back of the radio with a redesigned amp like no other, turning this old radio into a modern audio powerhouse with specs outperforming even new high-end aftermarket units:

    • Flagship Texas Instruments Class-D amplifier with 35 watts RMS x 4 channels
    • 4V RMS RCA line outputs (4 channels + dedicated subwoofer)
    • Fully-digital signal path from BA31 to Amp+ bypasses all OE audio circuitry for pristine, hi-fidelity audio
    • 5-Band EQ, subwoofer crossover controls, and other audio DSP enabled
    • On-screen DSP tuning and controls with Display+, remote tuning via the Cantaloupe Radio Dashboard desktop app
    • Class-H power architecture and GaN FET technologies allow the amp to stay cool at lighter loads, reducing thermal stress, with the ability to dial up big power on a dime
    • Plug-n-play harness for the BMW E30 chassis
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