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Cantaloupe Radio

Amp+ kit for CM5908 (requires pro-install, BA31 and Display+)

Amp+ kit for CM5908 (requires pro-install, BA31 and Display+)

PLEASE NOTE: OEM HiFi installation is REQUIRED to purchase this product.  Shipping instructions for your radio will be sent to you once you place your order.

It is finally here!  Amp+ upgrades your CM5908 equipped with Cantaloupe Radio's BA31 and Display+.  It replaces the original OEM amplifier board in your radio with a state-of-the-art low noise  amplifier with more than 4 times the original power, at an unheard of 1000x lower THD.   You also get pre-outs for the 4 speaker channels and a sub-out to run a monoblock and passive sub or a powered subwoofer.

Comes with a power wiring harness and radio-side adapters.  Add the OEM HiFi sound system bypass adapter to complete your installation without cutting factory wiring.

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