About Us

We've been BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche fans for a long time.  We're engineers with a huge respect for OEM engineering.  I've worked at Harman, Ford and other OEMs or OEM suppliers. I wrench on all our cars.

Our 91 325ic Calypsorot euro conversion - Callie - really speaks to what we love the most about the E30 series.  It's the car we will never part with.  It's also where OEM+ really started to mean something to us.  We shopped all over the world for the euro bits on this car.  We spent more time on realoem, and time working with OEM wiring than we care to admit.  We went to BMW Welt, Porsche Museum and the Mercedes museum when we did a euro delivery on our E-wagon.

Here are some Callie photos. A great deal of the OEM HiFi catalog was inspired by the work on this car and Edgar, our 86 325.  We'll follow up with an Edgar post at a later date.

Cantaloupe MDeck BA2 installed. "Driver grade" refurbished 5908. Electric top retrofit in process. Euro clock. You can also see the first antenna bypass premium prototype, without the MoFaraz antenna stencil.

Our favorite shot for Callie.  Staggered Alpinas, Jimmy Hill, painted euro bumpers and shadowline trim like the German market Mtech1 cars

Color matched natur leather and german houndstooth cloth Interior, with 2-piece door cards inspired by the Macao 771 full Mtech we owned for a while. The interior was too far gone to restore on that special car, so our focus thankfully shifted here.

We have alot more product in the pipeline that we're eager to share with the community.