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Request core credit for customer equipment

Request core credit for customer equipment

Please add this to your order to secure store credit for customer provided OEM radios and amplifiers.   OEM HiFi will send you the steps to receive core credit when you place your order.

PRELIMINARY STORE CREDIT: Customers should send us photos of the OEM equipment they would like to trade in.  Take good pictures of the radio faceplate, covers and wiring. Be sure to capture any cosmetic damage like dents, cracks, deep scratches, leaking displays or cut wires.

OEM HiFi will assign a preliminary store credit based on those submitted photos. Customers can then ship their OEM cores for final valuation. Please pack equipment carefully, especially the faceplate on the radio.

FINAL STORE CREDIT: the assigned value is based on (1) radio model, (2) cosmetic condition and (3) repairability criteria as assessed by OEM HiFiand detailed in our core credit blog post.   This credit will be applied as a discount on the final invoice before the order is fulfilled.

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