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Sound System OEM trunk amplifier harness kit

Sound System OEM trunk amplifier harness kit

Taps into the trunk amp connector of a car with BMW Sound System.  Comes in several different versions at different prices to support your exact wiring needs and budget.

This harness preserves your car's OEM wiring while also tapping in safely to all key signals you need from  your audio harness via the Quadroboost trunk amplifier connector plug.  

Please select the version of this harness required for your project. All versions include access to the factory remote amp turn on wiring.  

NOTE you will need to wire power to your trunk mounted equipment separately.  For harnesses that include the power wire, the factory trunk amp connector circuit has a maximum capacity of 10A.

ALL SIGNALS: The is the ultimate OEM+ audio tool for cars with BMW Sound System.  Taps into the radio outputs, amp outputs to speakers, remote turn on wire, chassis ground and the 10A OEM trunk amp power circuit.  Includes connectors for each group of wires and matching pigtails for the after audio equipment you install in your trunk.  This harness can also perform a "traditional" trunk amplifier bypass function.  

Comes with a full set of matching pigtails for whatever audio equipment you want to run in your car, including Line Output Converters (LOCs), 4 or 5 channel amplifiers, monoblock amplifiers, and passive or active subwoofers.

You can also change the configuration of your audio system at any time by simply un-plugging specific connectors on the harness  and updating the equipment.  Please make sure you turn off power to your audio equipment before making any changes to the harness configuration.

SPEAKER OUTPUTS: Taps into the OEM amplifier output wires and the remote turn on wire.  Allows you to run a 4 channel amplifier in your trunk.  Includes equipment pigtails for your amplifier's speaker outputs and its remote turn on terminal.

BYPASS ONLY:  This adapter is used for customers running an aftermarket radio without an external amplifier.  Your radio must work with common ground wiring (most all aftermarket radios do).  Includes a remote turn on wire pigtail in case you want to add a sub in the trunk. 

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