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OEM radio basic electronics refurbishment service

OEM radio basic electronics refurbishment service

This is the baseline repair service required for OEM radios.   It is strongly recommended that any OEM radio be refurbished prior to considering any upgrades.  The service consists of a basic Internal amplifier rebuild without board trace repair, lighting, wiring, controls functional check and repair for customer owned radio.


1) about 2-3 out of 10 5908 radios require additional work.  5907s are more fragile, with 4-5 out of 10 needing additional work..  OEM HiFi will always charge the least amount required for a customer to get a fully functional high quality radio.

Sometimes this will mean buying a radio from inventory instead

2) tape deck maintenance is NOT INCLUDED in the basic service. Please ADD the tape deck maintenance option if you would like that work done as well.  

PLEASE NOTE:  About every other tape deck needs repair or replacement, not just maintenance.  Should that be the case with your radio's tape deck we will contact you and offer you the repair/replace option.

3) Return shipping will be added to your order

4) You payment method will authorize the amount listed when the order is placed, but we will not charged for this service until the work is completed, or before the payment authorization on your order expires.

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